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Sail Training Ireland is a Charity with youth development at its core. We exist to create access to Sail Training Voyages for young people from all backgrounds and with all abilities from across the island of Ireland and are strongly supported by Dublin Port Company and Dublin City Council.
Sail Training is a fun and exciting adventure, which has a profound impact on the lives of participants. “Trainees” take part in voyages at sea on tall ships and large yachts during which they become part of the working crew. This experience provides an excellent environment for personal and social development. It is not so much learning to sail as learning from sailing, from the vessel, the sea and most importantly from yourself. It is a medium for education outside the classroom, a non-formal approach where the emphasis is on learning through experience. 
We have a number of part-funded voyage opportunities available in 2017. These programmes are run under the Erasmus + Youth Exchange schemes and will involve young people from the UK and Ireland. Youth Leaders will be involved to facilitate the educational programme of activities, workshops, debates and cultural visits. Many of the 2017  voyages will visit the Dublin Port Riverfest.
 We aim to make these opportunities available to young people that would not normally have such opportunities primarily through organisations that work with young people.
We are excited about new opportunities in 2017 and are aiming to provide access to 350 funded trainee berths on board Tall ships and Sail training vessels this season.
Our website includes details such as dates, participants fundraising and age restrictions. You can also have a look at our you-tube videos  to see what the experience is all about. 
If you have young people that may be interested please sign up on-line or get in touch with us at our offices in Dublin Port for more information. We are committed to making the opportunity available to all young people and will work with you to make sure this is possible. Please do not allow financial constraints, behavioural issues or other challenges to be a limiting factor for young people’s involvement. We will assist to overcome issues to ensure that no young person is excluded from this life-changing opportunity.
It is also possible for the “not-so-young” to undertake a voyage on the ships and Sail Training Ireland can help to arrange this for people of all ages.
Contact the office directly at 
Phone: 01-8559597

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