Gregor McGuckin

‘Golden Globe’ Talk

We are so excited to have Dublin yachtsman Gregor McGuckin speak at #Riverfest2017 on his 9-month non-stop solo sailing race around the world!

Over nine months, McGuckin will navigate about 30,000 miles of ocean, passing through some of the planet’s most treacherous waters. He will be limited to using only technology available in the 1960s. That means sailing without GPS, Salt-water de-salinators, computers, phones and various other forms of assistance.

McGuckin is one of 30 international competitors taking part in the Golden Globe Race, which will be celebrating its 2nd ever edition, 50 years after the first. Departing from Falmouth, England, on June 16, 2018, each competitor will sail via the infamous Great Capes of the Southern Ocean, before returning to Falmouth in the spring of 2019.

Until his departure, McGuckin will be taking part in intensive preparation, including gathering the necessary equipment, training both physically and mentally, and seeking sponsorship to help him undertake the mammoth challenge ahead of him.

The courageous Gregor will be speaking on his preparations daily over the #Riverfest2017 festival weekend.

Gregor Mc Guckin ‘Golden Globe’ Talk

June Bank Holiday Weekend:

Saturday 3rd June – Monday 5th June

CHQ Building – 2pm

Poolbeg Yacht Club – 5pm

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