The Earl of Pembroke Tall Ship

The Earl of Pembroke is just one of the many stunning tall ships which will be present at Riverfest 2017 this June Bank Holiday, Saturday 3rd – Monday 5th of June.

Climb on board the Earl of Pembroke and be transported back in time, tours will be taking place from 12pm – 6pm daily over the Riverfest Festival Weekend.

The Earl of Pembroke is an authentic, square rigged sailing vessel resembling the legendary HMS Endeavour, the ship on board which Captain Cook journeyed to Australia!

Architect and ship builder, Albert Svenson designed and completed the build in 1948 in Sweden. This traditional vessel, rigged as a three-masted schooner was originally named Orion and was one of the very last commercial sailing vessels to serve on the Baltic Sea.

In 1985, work began on renovating the ship and in 1994 in England, the three-masted ship was reborn! From this year onward it proudly resembled Captain Cook’s legendary 18th Century “Endeavour”.

For more information on this stunning Tall Ship, click HERE.

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